AOUR BEGINNINGS & our promise
Being a fairly young team, we have all had past experience with paranormal investigations. With our varying ages, genders, beliefs and approaches has made us a well rounded team. We started the team on a whim with the founders standing in a kitchen and saying, "let's do this, we're doing this full throttle all the way"  at the end of 2015 but even surprising to us, it took off like a wild fire with growing the team in experience and personel, a fan base that we are proud to have, adding more technology to our arsenal with more to come and using the mistakes we made in past investigations to perfect our trade and do it right every time.

We take a scientific approach and a professional attitude into every investigation but first and foremost, we approach every location as skeptics by trying to debunk any and all other possibilities before we jump to saying "it's a ghost" or "it's haunted". We have fun and are passionate about what we do and we go in with a serious goal in mind. Whether we are wandering a cemetery, getting locked into a well known haunted location for a night or coming into a families private residence to help provide answers and understanding, we giving nothing less than the truth. Of course our goal is to prove a haunting but to do so, we work to disprove a hauning first. And to add a disclaimer, we have never and will never say we can rid any place of its unseen resident. Only to prove or disprove its existence and give advice on ways to cope though every case is different. And not every investigation bears fruit but it does not mean a location is not haunted. Repeat investigations may sometimes be needed because the paranormal does not appear on que.

With the growth of the team, our varing approaches have made us a stronger, more well rounded team. Where one approach to an investigation may work in one location, it may not in another so having other ideas from team members makes an investigation to be more successful. With being based out of Reno, Nevada and Lone Pine, California, it gives us an opportunity to get access to old gold rush country. It is more than just the haunts and ghosts to experience, it gives us the honor of experiencing history itself and walk in the footsteps of those who not only built the west, but helped build this country. 

Our primary purpose is to help those experiencing the unexplained, to help find answers and help when normal means cannot explain. We hope to find natural explanations first and foremost. All communications, information and gathered evidence in a private matter is always kept confidential. We also provide investigations to gather evidence for advertising purposes as well as tour guides for haunted locations wishing to conduct ghost tours and guided investigations.

Safety For Paranormal Investigators
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