"​You may call us Ghost Hunters. We call ourselves Paranormal Investigators.
We will drive long hours in the dead of night. Because you need us to.
We will chase after the blackest shadows. Because you need us to.
We will go after the scariest noises. Because you need us to.
We will hold your hand until we find answers. Because you need us to.
We will never ask for anything in return. Because you needed us.
We will find answers to your problem. Because we need to."

EVENTS & investigations
Here you will find news of past and upcoming investigations.
  1. Gold Hill Hotel Miners Cabin
    18 DEC, 2015 FINISHED
    Gold Hill Hotel Miners Cabin
    The team stayed here for 2 nights but not much evidence was gathered at this location outside of Virginia City, NV. Just one photo of a mist forming in the back bedroom. Surprisingly, contrary to how it looked on the outside, it was fairly nice and comfortable on the inside. Definitely plan on another stay.
  2. Old Washoe Club
    8 JAN, 2016 FINISHED
    Old Washoe Club
    We conducted a 12 hour investigation here at the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV. Starting at 6pm and going to 6am, it was quite the night in one of the most renowned and haunted buildings in the country. We had more experiences than we can shake a stick at and came out with some solid evidence.
  3. Old Washoe Club 2
    5 MAR, 2016 FINISHED
    Old Washoe Club 2
    Round 2 of the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV. Was not very active and minus the sounds of parties outside pouring in to the buildings, it was a very quiet and uneventful.
  4. Del Oro Theatre
    20 MAR, 2016 FINISHED
    Del Oro Theatre
    The historic Del Oro Theatre and its iconic spire located in Grass Valley, CA was built in 1941 and renovated in 1993 adding extra seating and screens. Looking forward to this overnight investigation.
  5. Tuolumne County Museum
    2 APR, 2016
    Tuolumne County Museum
    Located in Sonora, CA this was originally the jail built in 1857 and burned down in 1865 in a fire set by a prisoner. Using salvaged material, the new jail on this site was rebuilt in 1866 and used until1961. Very privileged to investigate this site since no one has ever been allowed to do so.
  6. Fort Churchill
    16 APR, 2016
    Fort Churchill
    Located just outside of Silver Springs, Nevada built in 1861 to protect early settlers. It was abandoned 9 years later.
  7. The Dake House
    29 APR, 2016
    The Dake House
    Located in Genoa, NV near Carson City, NV. The Dake House was built in 1872 by the local Undertaker, C.W. Dake and now is home to Antiques Plus.
  8. Hillside Cemetery Cleanup
    3 SEPT, 2016
    Hillside Cemetery Cleanup
    Help save Hillside Cemetery by joining volunteers every Saturday at 8:00 AM at 900 Nevada St. Reno, Nevada to cleanup and maintain the oldest cemetery in the Truckee Meadows.
  9. Goldfield Days Food Booth
    31 JUL-2 AUG, 2016
    Goldfield Days Food Booth
    We will be working with Polkadot Confections helping the with their food booth for the Goldfield Days celebration in Goldfield, NV.
  10. Eureka County Cemetery Cleanup
    4 NOV, 2016
    Eureka County Cemetery Cleanup
    During our return trip to Eureka, Nevada, we will be taking some time out of our investigation to cleanup the county cemetery. Please feel free to come join us for a few hours and do some volunteer cleanup and maintenance.
  11. Jackson House Hotel
    17-19 JUN, 2016
    Jackson House Hotel
    Located in Eureka, NV, the Jackson House was built in 1877, destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1880.
  12. Eureka Opera House
    18 JUN, 2016
    Eureka Opera House
    Located in Eureka, NV, the Opera House was built in 1880 and seen it's own drama involving fire.
  13. Eureka Motel/Cafe & Tunnels
    17 JUN, 2016
    Eureka Motel/Cafe & Tunnels
    Originally built in 1873, this building has served many purposes through history. The Chinese Tunnels below have caused some controversy about who actually did build them.
  14. Colonnade Hotel
    17 JUN, 2016
    Colonnade Hotel
    Located in Eureka, Nevada, the Colonnade Hotel, said to have been built in 1880, became vacant from 1890 to 1930 and had links to prohibition in the form of a still that was once in the basement.
  15. Malarkey Bar aka Keyhole Bar
    18 JUN, 2016
    Malarkey Bar aka Keyhole Bar
    Beginning as a lumberyard in the mid 1800's then a butcher shop in the 1900's, the Malarkey Bar, recently renamed from the Keyhole Bar that sits directly between The Jackson House and Opera House is said to have ghostly activity of its own.
  16. Tuolumne County Museum Round 2
    3 SEPT, 2016
    Tuolumne County Museum Round 2
    A follow up investigation to the one that we conducted here in April of 2016. Great first trip and excited to return.
  17. Truckee Old Jail Museum
    1 OCT, 2016
    Truckee Old Jail Museum
    Used from 1875 to 1964, this jail survived many fires due to its sturdy construction and is one of very few remaining 19th century jails in the west still standing.
  18. Jackson House Hotel 2
    3-5 NOV, 2016
    Jackson House Hotel 2
    A follow up investigation of our trip in June.
  19. General Molly Building/Tumbleweed Theater
    5 NOV, 2016
    General Molly Building/Tumbleweed Theater
    Currently sitting empty, it has been most recently used as an office for a mining company and further back, as a theater.
  20. Eureka Motel/Cafe & Chinese Tunnels 2
    3 NOV, 2016
    Eureka Motel/Cafe & Chinese Tunnels 2
    Revisit to a prior investigation at the Eureka Motel
  21. Raines Market
    5 NOV, 2016
    Raines Market
    Currently closed with a newer market recently built outside of town. The property has a long history of being a store going back to the early 1900's when it was the Kitchen Brothers Market. I should also mention a history of illegal gambling and bootlegged whiskey be served during the prohibition.
  22. Eureka Garage
    5 NOV, 2016
    Eureka Garage
    A historic garage in downtown Eureka, Nevada
  23. Owl Club
    3 NOV, 2016
    Owl Club
    The Owl Club features a large bar which in the late 1800's and early 1900's was 2 separate saloons before being combined later. It also includes a restaurant with great food a dance floor and pool tables.
  24. Eureka Gold Country Inn
    3 NOV, 2016
    Eureka Gold Country Inn
    A more modern hotel with good amenities with reports of a playful child entity in the lobby and lounge area.
  25. Fallon House Theatre
    29 JUNE, 2017
    Fallon House Theatre
    Built in 1885 in Columbia, California as a new dance hall and theatre for the Fallon House Hotel by James Fallon, son of the original owner, Owen Fallon who purchased the property in 1857 when called the Maine House.

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